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November 2008

Digital Acumen's Online Scientific Poster system has been a tremendous success. The new system supports single and multi-page posters, scaleable views, high-quality streaming video and many new submission and delivery options.

ScientificPosters.com is the host site for Digital Acumen's innovative online scientific posters services. Direct access to the poster archives are provided through links on the websites of the respective medical associations. In 1999, Digital Acumen was the first company to exhibit scientific posters online. We continue to employ the latest digital technologies to extend the accessibilty of scientific posters sessions during and after major medical associatons' annual scientific sessions.

ScientificPosters.com is a member of our APPRISOR family of content delivery products. For more information about Online Scientific Posters and the APPRISOR product line, contact Digital Acumen, Inc. at information@digitalacumen.com.


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